Keep Your Drink Cool

We make handcraft whisky stones to preserve your drink and your dignity.

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Morgan Street Co.

Our Inspiration

Our story begins in 1880 at the Simon Powell and Son’s Distillery where an engineer built a pressure cooker that was intended to improve efficiency.  One day there was a clog in the line and the boiler exploded.  Witnesses say that the clog was blown through the roof almost straight up in the air.  

Where’d it land?  

175 feet west of the distillery. On Morgan Street.

We love this story because the history of alcohol is filled with risk-takers and innovators.  We honor them by designing the best drinking accessories so no drink goes disrespected.

So here’s a toast to all the whisky-lovers, tequila-shooters, bourbon-gulpers, scotch-soakers, gin-sippers and vodka-guzzlers, of yesterday, today and tomorrow.




Our Stones

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Five Designs To Choose From

The Veteran Stone

You’ve been in the trenches with this drink, won many battles (and lost some), now it’s your staple.

Material: Soapstone
Weight: 3oz/stone

The General Stone

You’re fearless and the many faces on this stone represent that you’re always fighting new battles.

Material: Soapstone
Weight: 1oz/stone

The Artillery Stone

This is our heaviest stone to weigh down your drink and slow your pace…but let’s be honest, by the end of the night you’ll be ‘Tanked’.

Material: Soapstone
Weight: 3oz/stone

The Captain Stone

You’ve ditched the shotgun (beer), and now you’re getting loaded on nightcaps.

Material: Soapstone
Weight: 2oz/stone

The Soldier Stone

You’re an ambitious drinker, but you have yet to earn your stripes.

Material: Soapstone
Weight: 0.7oz/stone

We’ve Got Stones

All our whisky stones are made from soapstone. Because of its high specific heat capacity, it keeps your drink colder for longer. Soapstone is also non-absorbent – we’ll leave the absorbing for your liver. Cheers.

Don’t Be Late To The Party.

Now on Kickstarter, pre-order today!